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Acelera Pitch
About the projectAcelera PitchThis is a program where start-ups have the opportunity to present their business ideas to a panel of successful national and international investors, called "Business Angels"

Just as Uber grew from a unicorn start-up to be valued at over a billion dollars and revolutionized transport, T-Leva and Heetch were born in Angola

Your start-up? Will it get off the ground?

Apply! We have a stage and investors to evaluate your project at AngoTIC 2023

Opportunity to build important connections

Learning and development

Opportunity to raise investment

Brand exposureosure

Participation CriteriaPresent

Innovative start-ups in the following areas are eligible to take part in Acelera Pitch:





What Acelera Pitch delivers in terms of value

1 Lugar

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We want to find these startups, who are Angola's unicorns? How can they present their projects to investors and reach the dream of a billion dollars? At AngoTIC's Acelera Pitch Startups Unicorn, Angolan startups will show their worth to a jury of investors and companies.

Do you want to be the next Angolan unicorn?